Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deutsch, The Censoring Brat at NASA, Strikes Out At Dr. Hansen and the NYT

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The 24 year old dropout, Deutsch, finally speaks out and shows himself to be an arrogant, ill informed political operative whose sole function at NASA was to enforce right wing GOP mandates that are anti-scientific. Now is time for Griffin, his boss, to resign.

From the NYT:
In the interview, Mr. Deutsch said that Dr. Hansen had partisan ties "all the way up to the top of the Democratic Party," and that he was "using those ties and using his media connections to push an agenda, a worst-case-scenario agenda of global warming." He said that anyone who disagrees with Dr. Hansen "is labeled a censor and is demonized and vilified in the media — and the media of course is a willing accomplice here."

Mr. Deutsch contended that although Dr. Hansen was a scientist, he wanted to talk about policy as well as science. "He wants to demean the president, he wants to demean the administration and create a false perception that the administration is watering down science and lying to the public," Mr. Deutsch said. "And that is patently false."
Are we all blind to the obvious vicious damage Deutsch and his fellow battalion of the Know Nothings are inflicting on what once were great scientific enterprises the entire world looked up to? Mr. Deutsch's job classification was "water boy in charge of watering down science"!
"When at NASA, I was asked to let my managers speak on behalf of the issues," he said. "Now that I am no longer bound by that, I would really like to clear the air and defend my integrity and my good name."

Mr. Deutsch said he resigned of his own volition because he was unhappy with the negative publicity he and NASA were receiving in the news media. "I was just sick of it," he said. "I was being smeared. My integrity and credibility was being questioned. And as a human being, as a human being, I just could not take it anymore."
A creep who deliberately lies on his resume has no good name to defend. Or rather, his name should be "defendANT" in a court of law where he can learn the fine art of what is the difference between fraud, lying and decieving people in order to make money, illegally.

There is no way he would have been hired in his position if it depended upon credentials and he knew this so he simply lied. And is still lying, he hasn't explained how he got his position in the first place and why he wasn't fired the minute he tried to upend the very real research of the top Goddard Institute's Earth Sciences!

And since when is informing us about the very serious dangers of global warming, "demeaning the President"? Is it because Bush is a demon and wants a very hot earth so it will replicate his home base, hell? One really begins to wonder about all this.

As for Dr. Hansen going to the press to talk about our planet earth and what he knows....great gods. This is the Dr.'s job! I feel as if Dr. Hansen is Dr. Who and this Republican baby is a Dalek. "Exterminate, exterminate." And he talks about his humanity! Well.

Move to Mars if you hate this planet. I will personally escort you to the rocket launch pad.
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Perfectly Preserved Early Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Shows Feathers

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Astonishing beautiful mud casts of the earliest T-rex fossils have been uncovered in China. It clearly shows the pattern and imprint of feathers on the 3.6' long critter. This is probably why Chickadees are so vain: they know their pedigree.

From the National Geographic:
The primitive tyrannosaurs were discovered together. They appeared to have become fatally trapped in a prehistoric mud pit, according to Xing Xu, professor at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing, China. The carnivores were possibly lured to their deaths by other mud-stricken animals, which also left behind fossil remains.

"This is an unbelievable discovery with tremendous new information on the evolution of the tyrannosaurs," Xu said.

Xu and fellow dino experts describe the new species, named Guanlong wucaii, in tomorrow's issue of the journal Nature.
The evolution of feathering goes further and further back in time. Let's review what happened on this planet, 250+ million years ago.

The Great Permian Extinction Happened
For terrestrial vertebrates during the Late Permian, the combination of a drop in atmospheric oxygen plus climate warming would have induced hypoxic stress and consequently compressed altitudinal ranges to near sea level. Our simulations suggest that the magnitude of altitudinal compression would have forced extinctions by reducing habitat diversity, fragmenting and isolating populations, and inducing a species-area effect. It also might have delayed ecosystem recovery after the mass extinction.
So, whatever small area the proto-T-Rex lived in, the situation was such, they quickly evolved from their pre-Permian collapse scales became lacy and fine in order to hold in heat. This is because thin oxygen altitudes are very cold. This thinner the oxygen, the colder it gets, faster, in the shade and the hotter the sun when it is out.

A fine example is the moon, you freeze totally in the dark and roast totally in the sun, there being no atmosphere at all! So probably all proto-dinosaurs had some degree of feathering and probably slept in groups at night, to keep warm. This meant, unlike many reptiles, they tend more to social life, most likely, mother sleeping with babies. Even modern crocodiles coddle their babies so I would bet, the Permian extinction killed off any carelessly cared for, land dwelling babies.

Mammals did rather well compared to many other creatures in this tragedy except the survivors were trapped, probably far inland, in deep valleys where they couldn't leave until much later than the dinosaurs who were much smaller and hunted by hairy mammals during the wet Permian, they now, freed of their tormentors and equipped with brand new, shiny feathers, when the two met again, millions of years later when the very small mammals, reduced in size due to the slim pickings of limited environment, ventured forth only to be greeted by hunters four times their size, the feathers helped the dinosaurs to not only hunt faster but now, being warm blooded, they were able to put more energy into the hunt.

I have raised turkeys who are great models for T-rexes. They have long necks that are mostly fine skin that change color according to mood. Mostly, it is chalk blue and pink. But when the male gets angry, it flushes red due to the rush of blood. The head goes higher and higher and the chest puffs up so he can thrum it like a drum, whoom, whoom! Then, sucking in a lungful, he lets loose with an angry gobble. They literally snort with rage and we used to annoy our turkeys, when young, by whapping on their breasts to make the drum roll.

When they annoyed me, I would put my hand on their head and shove them down. As soon as the head is forced down, the turkey surrenders and goes "whimp, whimp, whimp".

I am certain early T-Rexes did all this, too. Even little Chickadees sit very erect and raise their tiny feather cap and scold much bigger animals, a dim memory of who was boss still running in their genes. Turkeys are hunter/stalkers. They stride across the field, head up, looking around, looking down, seeking prey. If they spot a mouse, they will rush it and stab at it with their beaks and if they corner a mouse, use the powerful feet to pin it down to kill it. They will seize snakes and play tug rope with it until it is skinned and dead. If the snake is big, the turkey toms will surround it and take turns jumping on it, a circle stomp that is amazing to watch.

Once, my turkey tribe caught a huge toad and ran up and down our mountain for an hour, fighting over it. Finally, the biggest turkey started to jam it down the throat and it got stuck so he ran up to me guggling and I had to pull out the poor, dead toad.

This is why toads and other animals puff up. To thwart the T-Rexes of the Avian Kingdom.
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More Data On Asteroid: Path Still Not Totally Clear But We Are In Possible Impact Zone

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My personal sliding scale of dangers:
&spades Sun going nova. This pretty much ends everything.
&spades Asteroid strike. Depending on the size, all are bad, the bigger, the badder.
&spades Nuclear war. This is under our control This is why the stupid things we do are really dumb.
&spades Bankruptcy. This is 100% under our control. Arrest Bush. Arrest Greenspan.
&spades Sickness. I had two flues this winter. Really annoying and difficult. Will survive.
Evidently, more data has been processed and this looks like the possible path. Whew. Hope this is correct and passing through the planetary system doesn't warp the trajectory!

From forums:
And it's (Asteroid BQ6) been updated again. This image shows what Silylene was saying about Earth being within the error bar. The newest update has the asteroid passing the other side of Earth.
*next poster*
The thing about this one that's impressing me is that each day it is seeming to get closer and closer (now I'm sure the error bar is getting smaller each time too) and there still hasn't been any media attention.

Considering how just a few years ago they would have had doomsday headlines all over the place I think either we have done a good job of teaching the media how little a chance of impact it actually is or else they just havn't seen it yet.

Either way, I'm glad they havn't said anything yet.
We all know, with the battle over dummy Deutsch, NASA has muzzled its scientists. A right wing tool, Griffin, runs the joint and he is in cahoots with Bush. He has this really dumb idee fixee that we must go to Mars. So he has defunded, defused and confounded all other programs as much as possible. The fact that a nasty asteroid might slam into earth in a mere six months (!) seems to be invisible to him. The fact that we bloggers, all three of us (!!!) are publishing news and updates about this amazes me.

On Google, the website and mine are the top citations. This is bizarre.

Why do Americans get all hysterical about a couple of Saudis being allowed to attack us with impunity, why are we endorsing spiralling warfare with the entire Muslim world, why are our rulers, our hateful despots, going around the planet like whirling dervish devils, trying to start more wars, why do our media trot after them, faithfully publishing all their fear mongering over nonexistent WMD when Mother Nature is gearing up to showing us exactly how big her arsenal is and how easy it is to wipe all humans out, pffft.

This folly is the ultimate folly. There are at least three essential reasons to have a space program:
&hearts To colonize other planetary systems so if the sun goes nova, we don't go bye-bye.
&hearts To utilize the various La Grange orbits for satellites of various sorts.
&hearts To spot and eliminate all hazards like asteroids and comets that look like they will hit us.

A great side effect to all this is simple wonder. Our space program allows us to access and record tons of data so we can see the universe better and understand the tremendous wonder of it all. If we don't kill ourselves, being nasty to each other here on the planet earth!

The silence of the press in this matter is very disturbing. I would like to know if this rectitude is self-imposed or from simple stupidity (which is a strong possibility. This asteroid isn't a floozy pop singer doing dumb things) or fiat from anti-science moron-in-chief, Arbusto Busho.
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