Friday, February 03, 2006

Printing Out Living Brain Cells...And Human/Animal Clones: Brave New World Order

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Scientists have rigged up a device that works just like my office printer only it prints out living brain cells. So now, even a piece of paper will be smarter than Bush? What if we print up "My Pet Goat" using this system? Will that raise Bush's IQ if he is holding the book? And of course, the idea that a printed page can think, too, well, the pen just might be mightier than the brain!

From Raw Story:
A printer that spits out ultra-fine droplets of cells instead of ink has been used to print live brain cells without causing them any apparent harm. The technique could open up the possibility of building replacement tissue cell by cell, giving doctors complete control over the tissue they graft.

The device is a variant of a conventional ink-jet printer. Instead of forcing individual droplets of ink through a needle-shaped nozzle and onto the page, the cell printer uses a powerful electric field to produce droplets just a few micrometres in diameter, far smaller than is achievable by other means.
Couple this with the other stories about chimeras and we see some of the genetic Brave New World Order.

Of course, they will use this science for nefarious purposes since the people ruling us are nefers.

From National Geographic:
Weissman has already created mice with brains that are about one percent human.

Later this year he may conduct another experiment where the mice have 100 percent human brains. This would be done, he said, by injecting human neurons into the brains of embryonic mice.

Before being born, the mice would be killed and dissected to see if the architecture of a human brain had formed. If it did, he'd look for traces of human cognitive behavior.
Oh, great, I blogged about this earlier, how we are going to give mice human brains. The mind boggles. Of course, the Frankensteins doing this tell us not to worry, they plan to murder the mice quickly so we can rip out their tiny human brains and toy with them! Oh, that is a relief. Can't have thinking mice writing books or blogging, can we?

Some scientists are queasy about this, too.
"This is unexplored biologic territory," he said. "Whatever moral threshold of human neural development we might choose to set as the limit for such an experiment, there would be a considerable risk of exceeding that limit before it could be recognized."

Cheshire supports research that combines human and animal cells to study cellular function. As an undergraduate he participated in research that fused human and mouse cells.

But where he draws the ethical line is on research that would destroy a human embryo to obtain cells, or research that would create an organism that is partly human and partly animal.
How about human/animal mixes being disease agents? Namely, viruses, those quickly evolving, ever seeking single celled former rulers of the planet, view us as virgin territory, all this biomass just screaming to host Viral Armies. When we mix our genetics tremendously with our domestic animals, this opens many doors to viruses who can then use them to jump from species to species.

Like the Avian Bird flues, for example.

Already, our close association with animals exposes us to transitory diseases. Since our benefits from living with them overrules the deficits of them getting us sick periodically, we put up with it. But as humans overwhelm the world's planetary system, our attempts at keeping ourselves alive are clashing increasingly with Mother Nature's attempts at bringing things into balance. This is why birth control is so important and why attempts to prevent it are so annoying. Vast parts of the planet have no birth control and it shows, population explosions are tipping the scales everywhere and even cultures that are not reproducing rapidly are still stripping the environment because the remaining population is insisting on living in bigger and bigger anti-nature bubbles that is literally eliminating the ecosystem across great parts of the earth.

And then there is that asteroid no one is talking about....
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