Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Black Holes Don't Merely Dent Space/Time Fabric, They Will Eventually Pull It All The Way Down Into New Big Bang

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Years ago, I figured out my own scheme describing how the space/time continuum works. Since all these wonderful terrestrial and space observatories have been pouring in raw data, astronomy has been relentlessly pulled away from what I believe is a the false "universe is expanding faster and faster" storyline to a new model which is, the universe is sliding down steeper and steeper gravity pits created by increasingly gigantic black holes and that we are in a collapsing universe, not an expanding one, the fabric of the PAST is getting stretched more and more, the FUTURE is being compressed.

A spinning black hole in the constellation Scorpius has created a stable dent in the fabric of spacetime, scientists say.

The dent is the sort of thing predicted by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. It affects the movement of matter falling into the black hole.

The spacetime-dent is invisible, but scientists deduced its existence after detecting two X-ray frequencies from the black hole that were identical to emissions noted nine years ago. The finding will allow scientists to calculate the black hole's spin, a crucial measurement necessary for describing the object's behavior.
I have exchanged emails over all this stuff with my parents who are well known astronomers as well as many other things, they being the ultimate polymaths.

I don't do the numbers crunching of physics but my dad said, I was probably on the right path only he didn't want to think about this too much, a common problem with cosmic matters, namely, it is all about thinking about the End of Time.

It is curious to me how the infinitely expanding universe model keeps its grip on most astronomer's cosmos. My grandfather warned me about this, he knew Einstein and was pre-einsteinian, having gotten his degree before Einstein became famous. It seems, most humans like to cling to whatever they learn no matter what which is why astronomic changes are called "revolutions" after the great Copernicus book De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestrium. The facts on the ground are being misinterpeted by observers who are reluctant to revise old ideas. Eventually, the accumulated information will force everyone to rethink, what is the space/time fabric and how shall we represent it, graphically as well as in numbers.

One can't do the numbers unless one can do the artwork for imagining things is the first step towards describing them.
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