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Now NOAA Is Accused Of Censoring Scientists And THEY CENSORED ME!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Last Sept. my friend in England, Richard of "This Old Brit" warned me as he looked at my stats that NOAA was watching my blog and sure enough, that very day, my blog was censored! Now we learn that Deutsch of NASA fame wasn't the only political operative set over our scientists, NOAA is infested with these creatures who, like cockroaches, lurk in the dark, yanking any info about global warming that they have power to prevent anyone from reading.

From the Daily Kos:
The main instrument of suppression seems to be noaa's policy on contact with the press. Since June 2004, noaa, which is part of the Department of Commerce, has had a policy that its employees have to notify a public affairs officer if a member of the press contacts them for an interview. But the policy was often ignored. Then, on September 29, in the midst of growing public debate over hurricanes and global warming, public affairs official Jim Teet issued a memo requiring that "any request for an interview with a national media outlet/reporter must now receive prior approval by DOC [Department of Commerce].
Now, anyone perusing my blog knows, I talk about global warming, Bush and the planet earth a lot. And I connect dots, pull up documents to prove a point and I mull outloud, what is going on here and try to find answers.

No problemo. Here is an example pre Sept. 28th: The Unstable Sun:
The sun has long been recognized as a variable star because of the roughly 20-year sun spot cycle but recently, thanks to the many space telescopes and monitors we have launched and the old NASA has monitored, we now know exactly how unstable the sun really is. Namely, it is periodically spitting out x-ray events.

One such event-epidsode is happening right now. For a week, the giant sunspot storm has been facing away from the earth so only space monitors have been able to see what was going on as major coronal events occured but now it has rotated into sight so we can see directly what is going on with all our array of space/earth monitoring systems. The same systems Bush and the new NASA head want to cut back, are cutting back, our bankruptcy is cutting back.
This article, from Sept. 11, 2005, is a classic Culture of Life rant. Here is an amusing paragraph from it:
Panic can set in at NORAD which is filled with incompentent people. Note how relentlessly Bush and the neo-cons drove into early retirement so many capable people including Powell! They also can't understand that when the earth is being bombarded at its most critical stage, here in the Northern Hemisphere, by x-rays and cosmic rays and all sorts of products from massive eruptions, this disorganizes our brains which are, I assure you, very electrical in nature, namely, impulses are transmitted from one set of nerves to others and cosmic things like lightning bolts and sun spot emnations can disrupt the internal thinking apparatus.
The blockheads ruining our country hate scientists, hate people who ask questions, connect dots or have scientific minds. They reward incompetents and corrupts (deliberate sic!).

On Sept. 24th, I posted an interesting article concerning Hurricane Rita.
Saturday, September 24, 2005

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I was going to write about this earlier. It is now every five years or so, we have a drought out here in NY. This is bad. This isn't normal. Of course, guess what? Like Alaska, which is having a drought, too, this year, we are now cycling into a drought/flood pattern that is very very hard on the forests up here which is mostly oaks and maples and beeches and cherry and other hard woods.

posted by Elaine Supkis at 9/24/2005 10:00:00 PM links to this post
It was on line for about three hours when Richard of This Old Brit came by my blog to warn me he detected someone snooping around from the government, and he specified it might be NOAA. I said, "No way! Thanks." And then went to this page to double check and the "Forbidden" page popped up! I was flabbergasted. Usually, this is merely a blogger glitch so I reposted it and it sat there for an hour until another reader, dear Facti, emailed me to tell me the page was missing. I then altered my text to delete all NOAA references but it stayed down anyway and since hurricane Rita was trashing the joint, I didn't go and "fix" the page because events were moving too fast.

So lo and behold, there it is, by that week, Bush had finished installing little Young Republican Chickenhawk Cowards at NOAA so they could hide out and play Soviet Kommisar at taxpayer expense and I was probably one of the very first people to be nailed by this stupid gang.

Since then, I use no NOAA data or text or illustrations. Patterns of Droughts and Flood Zones was a continuation of the Rita article the NOAA censors ripped up. Namely, persistent droughts are so severe, even when a huge, gigantic hurricane blows in, the side of the hurricane facing the outer edges of the drought zone shrivelled up and not until Rita passed Texas, did it get moisture again and drop more rain for in the circumstance, it should have deluged Texas and it didn't.

And this is one of the side effects of global warming and because I used those words in the Rita article, I was censored.

From my blog: Weather Develops Long Range Patterns of Drought and Flood:
As global warming continues to change the ocean currents and air flows of our planet, we see vast changes on the ground. One of the most noticable changes are in the Temperate Zones which are much more active and has been having flood/drought cycles that are not seasonal but due to shifts in persistent highs as they travel from west to east across the upper latitudes.
The great thing is, I no longer use any NOAA pictures so I had to figure out a methodology for making quickie schematic drawings and it worked wonderfully for now I do a lot of this as readers can plainly see, maps, graphs, models, all the same method and I really enjoy doing this and am learning a lot from doing it. Thank you, stinky censors!

The downside is knowing that government agents are attacking free speech. I don't make a thin dime off of this blog, not one penny, I don't even rattle a cup here, begging for money like many sites do, so there was zero reason for NOAA to attack this little blog, it wasn't like I was ripping them off, nay, I asked everyone to visit the various NOAA sites---they used to be very informative but now they ain't, a lot of the important information!

Arrest the NOAA censors. Gads. At least fire them. Let them go back to school and learn something for crying out loud.

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