Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Data On Asteroid: Path Still Not Totally Clear But We Are In Possible Impact Zone

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My personal sliding scale of dangers:
&spades Sun going nova. This pretty much ends everything.
&spades Asteroid strike. Depending on the size, all are bad, the bigger, the badder.
&spades Nuclear war. This is under our control This is why the stupid things we do are really dumb.
&spades Bankruptcy. This is 100% under our control. Arrest Bush. Arrest Greenspan.
&spades Sickness. I had two flues this winter. Really annoying and difficult. Will survive.
Evidently, more data has been processed and this looks like the possible path. Whew. Hope this is correct and passing through the planetary system doesn't warp the trajectory!

From forums:
And it's (Asteroid BQ6) been updated again. This image shows what Silylene was saying about Earth being within the error bar. The newest update has the asteroid passing the other side of Earth.
*next poster*
The thing about this one that's impressing me is that each day it is seeming to get closer and closer (now I'm sure the error bar is getting smaller each time too) and there still hasn't been any media attention.

Considering how just a few years ago they would have had doomsday headlines all over the place I think either we have done a good job of teaching the media how little a chance of impact it actually is or else they just havn't seen it yet.

Either way, I'm glad they havn't said anything yet.
We all know, with the battle over dummy Deutsch, NASA has muzzled its scientists. A right wing tool, Griffin, runs the joint and he is in cahoots with Bush. He has this really dumb idee fixee that we must go to Mars. So he has defunded, defused and confounded all other programs as much as possible. The fact that a nasty asteroid might slam into earth in a mere six months (!) seems to be invisible to him. The fact that we bloggers, all three of us (!!!) are publishing news and updates about this amazes me.

On Google, the website and mine are the top citations. This is bizarre.

Why do Americans get all hysterical about a couple of Saudis being allowed to attack us with impunity, why are we endorsing spiralling warfare with the entire Muslim world, why are our rulers, our hateful despots, going around the planet like whirling dervish devils, trying to start more wars, why do our media trot after them, faithfully publishing all their fear mongering over nonexistent WMD when Mother Nature is gearing up to showing us exactly how big her arsenal is and how easy it is to wipe all humans out, pffft.

This folly is the ultimate folly. There are at least three essential reasons to have a space program:
&hearts To colonize other planetary systems so if the sun goes nova, we don't go bye-bye.
&hearts To utilize the various La Grange orbits for satellites of various sorts.
&hearts To spot and eliminate all hazards like asteroids and comets that look like they will hit us.

A great side effect to all this is simple wonder. Our space program allows us to access and record tons of data so we can see the universe better and understand the tremendous wonder of it all. If we don't kill ourselves, being nasty to each other here on the planet earth!

The silence of the press in this matter is very disturbing. I would like to know if this rectitude is self-imposed or from simple stupidity (which is a strong possibility. This asteroid isn't a floozy pop singer doing dumb things) or fiat from anti-science moron-in-chief, Arbusto Busho.
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