Monday, February 20, 2006

Earthquakes Along The Pacific Coast Creeping Closer To California

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ever mill crooked wood? You can saw along the grain, removing one slice after another and then suddenly, the tree tears apart with a loud bang? Earthquakes are like that. The San Andreas fault is particularily dangerous because it is long, complex and is part of a developing rift valley zone. And it is preparing to give a big shove northwards.

Here is the official earthquake map.
DATE &spades &spades &spades &spades &spades LAT &spades LON &spades MAG &spades DEPTH &spades REGION
2/20/06 10:54:28 &spades 18.52 &spades -100.44 &spades 5.1&spades 96.7 GUERRERO, MEXICO
2/20/06 06:56:07 &spades 13.09 &spades -87.65 &spades 5.5 &spades 1.3 HONDURAS

Several days ago, I noticed the planet had no earthquakes bigger than a 4.0 and knew there would be a new series of increasingly violent quakes. This seems to be the cycle ever since the Boxing Day event. As this blog noted just two days ago, there were mirror earthquakes on both sides of the Pacific that were amazingly uniform is size and near the same in depth. I also notes that North America's Pacific regions have had only very slight tremors for the last year unlike 90% of the Pacific and this was not a good sign, such as "dodging the bullet" but a very bad sign for it means the readjustment will be much more severe, sudden and violent.

I have been watching the earth shake for rather a long while. Many quakes are at either 10 km or more than 100 km. The Boxing Day quakes were all at the 10 km depth, for example. Today's quake in Honduras was an oddity: 1.3 km deep which is very odd. Might presauge a volcanic event, for example. I don't know. I just find the tactic of ignoring all of this odd since we, of all people, should be hyper aware of earthquake activity and just like we had a 5+ mag event right outside New Orleans and there wasn't so much as a peep about it in the news.

Indeed, I emailed my article about that quake to a magazine that I quoted in the article and the editor said he was unaware there was even an earthquake!

Why we should imagine that running around, blind as bats, is going to protect us baffles me. Just like the asteroid business: when the event comes, when we must move fast to save our necks, we won't be ready because we don't want to bother ourselves over obvious threats to our lives and limbs.

Meanwhile, we threaten nuclear wars because we are scared and want to be safe?

Well, no terrorist and no nation can do what an aroused and angry Mother Nature can do!

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