Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Deutsch, The Religious Fanatic Censor At NASA Headquarters Lied About Graduating From College

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

LATEST NEWS: Deutsch was finally forced to resign thanks to the information uncovered by the blogger, NIck Anthis, a Rhodes Scholar. Congratulations, good research! One thing we bloggers have done is force right wingers to obey the law, we are still trying to force Congress to force Bush to stop breaking the law but that project is much harder.

A scientist has uncovered the crime George Deutsch committd when he lied on his Federal resume. He never bothered graduating from Texas A&M. I am shocked the adminstrators of T A&M haven't called for the dismissal of this brat and of course, Griffin, being only a right wing tool set up to destroy NASA, keeps him in a position of authority. Fire him, too. Arrest Deutsch, arrest Bush. Lying about serving in the Texas National Guard when one really went AWOL is also illegal.

From the Scientific Activist:
Deutsch’s former coworker informed me that in the summer of 2004, when Deutsch was the Opinion Editor for The Battalion, he was offered a position in George W. Bush’s presidential reelection campaign. The position was apparently too good to turn down, so Deutsch not only left his editorial post, but he also left A&M completely. Deutsch's coworker was not aware of him returning to A&M to complete his education. I investigating this further, and through the Association of Former Students, I learned that George Deutsch never graduated from Texas A&M, and the last record of him was from June 9, 2004, when he withdrew.
I tried to figure out which Deutsch family this guy sprang out of, there are several higher uppers in the GOP with that name.

It wouldn't surprise me even slightly to learn his family is well connected for the government just crawls with nepotism at virtually every level. This is directly connected with the ragin ineptitude we now see. I have detailed other nepotists elsewhere on this blog, it should be outlawed. The slender resume is bad enough, in Deutsch's case, the pathetic lies he had to use to pad it further are not only grounds for dismissal, he must refund all his pay for he got it illegally!

So why didn't that raging idiot, Griffin, conduct a severe investigation, suspending this archaic, Neanderthaller employee? Is Griffin this feeble? He has fired reams of real scientists, many from the Jet Propulsion Lab, just for example. He is cancelling one vital project after another like the Deep Space Earth Climate Observatory. Where was this Griffie dude during that mess? All I heard from him was a loud fart.

He is wrecking NASA, he is enabling anti-science idiots into NASA making it the laughing stock of the world. Not that it is noticeable against the stellar heavens of such administrative wonders as Brownie or his boss, still in power and utterly invisible, Skelator, aka, Chertoff, not to mention Bubble Boy himself.

From The Christian Science Monitor:
Think of Solomon in a space suit.
That sums up the role of NASA head Michael Griffin as he tries to balance President Bush's vision for manned spaceflight with the hard realities of a $16.8 billion budget next year.

It's more money than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration received this year. But the agency must find $3 billion to $5 billion for the shuttle flights to finish the International Space Station and it must field a replacement for the space shuttles to send astronauts back to the moon by 2020.
They don't have the faintest idea what to do on the moon except to compete with that jumping cow up there. Last time there, we sort of twaddled about. This inability to fight off the goon in the White House means doom for NASA. Who cares about the money they get if it is all flushed down the toilet?

They are cancelling the probe we were sending out to see if there are other habitable planets, for example. Funds for exploring the moons of Jupiter. Everything is being tossed overboard without so much as a peep from Griffin. And yet, they have tons of money to waste on useless, right wing, born again boobs whose sole job is to deny any information about the Big Bang or the environment!

Big Bang meets Bigger Bozo.
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