Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deutsch, The Censoring Brat at NASA, Strikes Out At Dr. Hansen and the NYT

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The 24 year old dropout, Deutsch, finally speaks out and shows himself to be an arrogant, ill informed political operative whose sole function at NASA was to enforce right wing GOP mandates that are anti-scientific. Now is time for Griffin, his boss, to resign.

From the NYT:
In the interview, Mr. Deutsch said that Dr. Hansen had partisan ties "all the way up to the top of the Democratic Party," and that he was "using those ties and using his media connections to push an agenda, a worst-case-scenario agenda of global warming." He said that anyone who disagrees with Dr. Hansen "is labeled a censor and is demonized and vilified in the media — and the media of course is a willing accomplice here."

Mr. Deutsch contended that although Dr. Hansen was a scientist, he wanted to talk about policy as well as science. "He wants to demean the president, he wants to demean the administration and create a false perception that the administration is watering down science and lying to the public," Mr. Deutsch said. "And that is patently false."
Are we all blind to the obvious vicious damage Deutsch and his fellow battalion of the Know Nothings are inflicting on what once were great scientific enterprises the entire world looked up to? Mr. Deutsch's job classification was "water boy in charge of watering down science"!
"When at NASA, I was asked to let my managers speak on behalf of the issues," he said. "Now that I am no longer bound by that, I would really like to clear the air and defend my integrity and my good name."

Mr. Deutsch said he resigned of his own volition because he was unhappy with the negative publicity he and NASA were receiving in the news media. "I was just sick of it," he said. "I was being smeared. My integrity and credibility was being questioned. And as a human being, as a human being, I just could not take it anymore."
A creep who deliberately lies on his resume has no good name to defend. Or rather, his name should be "defendANT" in a court of law where he can learn the fine art of what is the difference between fraud, lying and decieving people in order to make money, illegally.

There is no way he would have been hired in his position if it depended upon credentials and he knew this so he simply lied. And is still lying, he hasn't explained how he got his position in the first place and why he wasn't fired the minute he tried to upend the very real research of the top Goddard Institute's Earth Sciences!

And since when is informing us about the very serious dangers of global warming, "demeaning the President"? Is it because Bush is a demon and wants a very hot earth so it will replicate his home base, hell? One really begins to wonder about all this.

As for Dr. Hansen going to the press to talk about our planet earth and what he knows....great gods. This is the Dr.'s job! I feel as if Dr. Hansen is Dr. Who and this Republican baby is a Dalek. "Exterminate, exterminate." And he talks about his humanity! Well.

Move to Mars if you hate this planet. I will personally escort you to the rocket launch pad.
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