Sunday, February 05, 2006

4.5 Mag Earthquake At Dangerous Yellowstone Faultline at Hebgen Lake, Montana

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

A small but important earthquake just happened at Hebgen Lake, Montana, today. It was only 5 km down which is extremely shallow. This is also the exact same site of the famous 7.9 Yellowstone earthquake. Here is a review of what happened back then.

Here are pictures of the quake zone.

This landslide killed many campers. The Hebgen Lake dam, for the lake is artificial, nearly collapsed. Luckily, the fault line upheaval occured just above the north side of the dam.

The fault lines in Yellowstone are fairly complex. I simplified them, they are actually all extremely short and very close together, I just tried to give a general idea of their directional orientations. The Hebgen region is part of the Yellowstone complex. The earthquakes at this point echo easily further south.

According to scientists, even very distant earthquakes on the same American plate cause echos at Yellowstone.

During the last week, we had yet another 6+ earthquake at both the Adaman Islands, site of one of the great quakes last year, and the boundry between the Australian and Pacific Plates. In other words, the reverberations from the Boxing Day Quake are still happening. Far from the earth being at rest, it is still working out the dynamics of that great change in the crust.

Californians think, since all the quakes are happening elsewhere, maybe it won't happen here. This is a ridiculous idea. But then, people are madly rebuilding bigger and more expensive structures in the heart of hurricane alley. And we know for a fact, next year's hurricanes just might dwarf the ones that happened last year.
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