Monday, January 02, 2006

Stranded Pilot Whales in New Zealand Shot Because They Couldn't Be "Saved"

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Over 60 pilot whales got stranded in New Zealand and since humans couldn't shove them back into the ocean, the government decided to shoot them to "put them out of their misery." What is happening in the vast seas to cause this sort of disaster? We examine it today.

From the BBC:
Dozens of stranded pilot whales have been shot dead in New Zealand to end their suffering when it was ruled too difficult to get them back in the sea.
The department of conservation said any attempt to refloat the whales would be too dangerous for the humans involved and would probably not have worked.

The whales were stranded on a beach near Farewell Spit, on the north-western tip of the South Island.

More than 100 whales were freed from the same area about two weeks ago.
All over the planet, the ocean's most intelligent lifeforms are freaking out and throwing themselves upon the shores to die. If this happened once in a blue moon, it could be attributed to an accidental happanstance but it is all too frequent, now.

Nor are there massive numbers of oceangoing mammals so they are so crowded, some are foced to hunt for food in dangerous places. Quite the contrary. Some whales hover on the edge of extinction. All living things in the oceans are being aggressively hunted down by those animals of destruction, the god-like humans. We are using all the tools of technology we can devise to rig up ways to corner and capture all living things in the seven seas not to mention all the lakes and rivers, too.

The smelt numbers in California are way down, for example. Wild salmon are rapidly disappearing all over the planet, they used to flourish everywhere in the northern hemisphere since the Ice Ages, humans drew pictures of covorting salmon on deer antlers 40,000 years ago.

More than one news story this last year is about how increasingly powerful sonar created by Americans so we can spy out all possible aquatic menaces, these sonar now travel huge distances and are, to the delicate receptors of the aquatic mammals, like continuous screaming inside the head, it is literally driving them insane.

These mammals have huge brains and our interactions with them have shown us clearly, they can think, learn, figure things out and remember stuff and so the painful intrusion into their brains by these sonar pulses makes thinking nearly impossible. Navigating dangerous waters or communicating with each other over more than a few yards becomes too difficult and "accidents" then happen.

Scientists want to study all this to see if our screaming sonar is causing mayhem in the seas but the fact is, the number of beachings and other events has shot up since the dawn of sonar and has escalated greatly in the last 20 years and I think we should force the military to not use these systems unless they can prove they don't torment marine mammals!

Instead of waiting passively to see if they all die!

And shooting stranded animals? Again, this is insane. We could suppose they would stay stuck and die but we can't know for certain they would stay stuck and die! What are we, god?

I read again and again, about animals being "saved" and then immediately "put out of their suffering" which is pretty creepy since killing something isn't exactly saving it, is it? At least, I don't want to be saved by an ambulance crew that immediately puts a bullet in my head because they think I might not survive!

Gads. Eech.
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