Thursday, January 12, 2006

Global Warming And This Hot Winter

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Global warming doesn't mean everyone is warm, it means a more dynamic system that stresses biological systems because it is more flexible and thus, unpredictable.

From the BBC:
The dramatic decline of some frog populations is directly connected to global warming, a new study claims.

The scientists looked at biodiversity hotspots in Central and South America, and found compelling links between frog extinctions and changes in temperature.

They believe the perfect conditions are being created for the spread of a fungus that is deadly to amphibians.
Amphibians are the canary in the mine. They are much more vulnerable to chemicals in the environment, to the effects of human waste in water systems due to everything passing directly through their skin, they are temperature sensitive due to being cold blooded animals, they are sensitive to sun radiation which means, thinning the ozone layer affects them far faster than it affects mammalian animals.

Like the krill in the sea, they are bellweathers of change and they are rapidly losing ground. I know, myself, that on the ground, casual encounters with frogs, they are far fewer today up here than years ago, for example. Even the toad population which is less sensitive to the temperatures than frogs and live well even in droughts, digging themselves in, are suffering due to lack of reliable water for reproduction which must happen in water.

The astonishingly warm winter here is also due to dynamism is the weather systems, namely, when the Jet Stream arcs and dives, it does it more radically each year so one is either very warm or really cold until the loop shifts to a new dynamic, reversing the effects, namely, it snakes across the top of the planet, ever more powerful.

Scientists have noticed the upper atmospheric winds have increased. Part of all this is due to energy from the sun being greater than normal. The polar caps on Mars have significantly reduced this last 20 years, my grandfather drew pictures of them at Lowell Observatory at the turn of the 19/20th centuries and they were one third greater in size back then. This means the sun is warming up not only the earth but the solar system.

We just entered an increased cosmic dust phase as our sun slithers through a veil of debrie in space, our galaxy has sheets and sheets of this stuff, all the cosmic dirt in the darkness of space, sucked into the black hole's gravity well, and we are part of this junk, circling the drain. The stuff moves at different speeds relative to each other and the rest of the cosmos. As they move closer to the galactic core, they encounter more and more debrie and this affects anything that does this, of course!

So in our case, this means the amount of cosmic dust showering the planet has shot up in volume, stars in dust clouds burn brighter than ones that aren't in dust clouds so perhaps our sun will increase its brilliance due to all this, we don't know everything, thanks to astronomers and all those observatories and our lovely doomed (thanks, chimpie!) Hubble Space Telescope and other monitors, we can see more and more how we fit in the cosmos and how this will impact on us human organisms which is why we need a space program!

Stuck on the home planet can be dangerous!
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