Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Apres de Hurricanes, Texas Burns: Global Warming Hits Home Base

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In classic "Gods punish foolish humans" mode, Mother Nature is battering Texas right after our childish and disgraceful behavior at the final Kyoto Accords talks in Canada. The right wing American Southwest will get to enjoy the climate from hell they worked so hard to create. A bad choice. Even energy bubbles need water.

From Yahoo:
Rancher Dean Dillard was able to save his 72-year-old mother's home from grass fires by soaking the land around it. But many of his neighbors weren't as lucky.

Wildfires that raced through Texas and Oklahoma Tuesday devoured scores of homes, including at least 25 in rural Cross Plains. The fires, fueled by gusty winds and a drought, were blamed for at least one death and a handful of injuries.

"It looked like we had been bombed in a big war, the whole city was on fire everywhere," said Dillard.
As a cattle owner, I would like to tell the fools in Texas, it is damn hard to graze large bovines when the place is on fire, there is no rain and it is hellishly hot. What ails these dudes? Are they all fakes like Bush? Don't they have the elementary brain mass to cog out the idea that you need rain to raise cattle?

These idiots are responsible for Bush existing. They cheer as they kill the Kyoto Accords and they snarl at Earth First. Well, they are getting Earth's FIST. As the voters of Texas who voted for the present form of planetary arrangements run from catastrophe to catastrophe, one wonders when they will figure out what is going on. Here is some more data to assist them in this learning process.

Purdue, courtesy of our reader, Jcrit:
The most comprehensive climate model to date of the continental United States predicts more extreme temperatures throughout the country and more extreme precipitation along the Gulf Coast, in the Pacific Northwest and east of the Mississippi.
The drought/flood cycle which is bothersome up here will be very bothersome down there. Another hint to all those Texan ranchers and farmers: downpours are bad news. They wash away topsoil. They drown the darn cattle, especially the calves. And they spawn tornadoes. You don't want more of these. Seriously.

How can people farm and be so stupid at the same time? Just like loggers hating environmenalists. My forest which I make money off of, is dying thanks to stupid pollution problems as well as global warming. Hello, hello? Anyone home? Can't log dead forests that burned up, dudes.

From the NYT:
Seven Northeastern states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, have embarked on a regionwide plan to reduce power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Two years in the making, the plan is the first collective effort in America to adopt mandatory controls for greenhouse gases. It is further evidence of the states' willingness to address an issue that Washington has largely ignored, as well as a timely antidote for the administration's dispiriting performance at the recent global warming conference in Montreal.

The governors' message would have been stronger still had it not been for the defection of Gov. Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts Republican. He pulled the rug out from under his own negotiators with an 11th-hour complaint that the plan would impose unacceptable utility costs on consumers.
Listen, the costs to consumers if the planet goes to literal hell is going to be immense so saving pennies now isn't a good idea. Indeed, the costs will rise and rise, anyway, so why not set up a system today that operates without polluting the holy hell out of the earth? Eh? The bubbles we have created won't last long if Mother Nature decides it is time to wipe us out and we are getting tornadoes in Massachusetts as well as New York, in the mountains, no less! As well as Mass. trees are dying just as horribly as my trees.

Everyone in Texas who isn't hiring Mexicans to work in the hot sun for them is complaining about all the Mexicans coming to el Norte to work in the hot sun for them. Well, look at this map. If most of Mexico is going to have 100+ degree days over 100 days a year, how habitable will that be?

I have seen droughts in Mexico. Livestock hung up on barbed wire fences, dried out so hard even the vultures aren't interested in the carcasses. Scorpins scuttling all over the place at night. Dust devils roaring around in the afternoon, strong as small tornadoes. Yup. Lovely.

And it will be much worse. Any desert dweller knows that 90% of the rain that falls runs away lickety split. The desert rejects the water. Any loose dirt is long gone thanks to the wind. Caliche which is nature's cement, rocks and sand remain. The Sahara wasn't much of a desert 35,000 years ago, it was lush.

Our ancestors called the Great Plains "The Great Desert." Well, this just might be an appropriate name in the future. And Kansas will have a lot more things wrong than teaching about evolution when this happens. They will be the crucible of evolutionary changes, the survival of the fittest, adapting to desert conditions.
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