Saturday, December 17, 2005

Siberian Swans Come To Merry England Early

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Siberian swans from Russia suddenly show up in England in one big flock. This means a very cold winter is coming as if we don't already notice this here in America without any swans telling us this! Also, British scientists claim they know why we bicker during holidays. They blame the food. Heh. Yeah, right.

From the Guardian:
The sudden early arrival of a large flock of Bewick's swans at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust nature reserve at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, could signal a white Christmas.
Most winters some 250 Bewick's swans arrive in dribs and drabs at the reserve from Siberia, but this week 188 have arrived en masse.

The trust manager, Neil Woodward, said: "The birds try and stay one step ahead of the weather. I would say, because of their early arrival, we are going to have a very cold Christmas and hopefully a white one. If I were a betting man, I would put money on it."
The migratory patterns this year have been rather odd here in America, too. The wild geese usually ride the cold north wind south but much of our winds have been blowing from the south which makes migration a drag, quite literally, so the geese have waited until the wind picks up and then, last week, it did, with a vengence and I saw lines and lines of geese noisily honking as they sailed south at a fast clip.

Because of the unusually warm fall, the Siberian swans probably felt the same way, why beat your wings frantically to fight a head wind? So when the very cold temps suddenly surged down from the polar icecaps, off they took, en mass, moving as fast as possible. We shall see if this is a harbinger for a very cold winter in England itself!

Also in the British news is a story about scientists wanting to explain why humans at holidays, when with close relatives, bicker bitterly and do all those annoying things relatives can't help doing at home when there, en mass. Seems the veneer of civilization collapses as the physical distance between people who know each other too well as well as not at all, refusing to see or understand family members seems to be a requirement for survival, I assume. Well, the scientists think this can be fixed!

From the Guardian:
The traditional Christmas lunch: a touching scene of familial togetherness ruined only by the inevitable outbreak of hostilities between relatives, even before the Queen has uttered a word.
Now scientists believe they can explain why so many families descend into bickering and belligerence over the festive dinner table. The answer, they claim, is all in the food.

The traditional Christmas overload of turkey, sprouts, spuds and pudding can lead to repeated changes in blood sugar levels, according to Paul Clayton, a pharmacologist and president of the forum on food and health at the Royal Society of Medicine. Such yo-yoing of blood sugar, coupled with the effects of salty foods and excessive alcohol, are ideal ingredients for making us irritable and tense, he says.
Heh. Don't feed the bastards. That will fix them. No drinks, either. Yeah.

Boy, that would produce an interesting holiday fun time! No service=no complaints!

Indeed, all holidays will be most peaceful since irritating relations will all camp out somewhere else like at a local saloon. No clean ups, no headaches. I suppose all holidays should happen far from home, the further the better! At least, that is the scientific solution!

From the Guardian"
Nortours, which organises "Santa Claus tours" to Scandinavia and the Baltics, called in the administrators today and cancelled trips in the run-up to the festive period.
Around 500 families are thought to be affected, though they should be able to receive full refunds.

Amid stiff competition in the travel sector and a consumer spending dip, the administrators said high-end operators such as Nortours, which employs 12 staff and has an average annual turnover of £9m, were struggling to attract business.
And now for the energy news. Soaring energy costs is cutting down on Santa tours? Next, his reindeer won't fly? And little children everywhere will have to blame Shell Oil or Exxon? Heh.

When our rulers happily report there is no inflation it is only because few businesses can raise prices. So more and more will cease just like the Santa Tours and we will all end up hungry, cold and miserable, but no inflation!

Well, this fits in with having no food or drink for irritable relatives.

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The Earth Is Changing Its Shape And This Is a Violent Process Indeed

Original map here, Live Science
By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Scientists just released a map showing how not only much of the north American continent is rising due to glacier retreat but it is also moving in various directions, too. This is important information for predicting future earthquakes. In addition, the planet is changing its size and shape due to global warming.

From Live Science:
North America isn't exactly coming apart. But it is constantly on the move, and the latest discovery of geologic creep has surprised scientists.

During the last Ice Age, large portions of North America were blanketed by giant glaciers. Although they’ve been gone for more than 10,000 years, the land they once rested upon is still recovering from the weight.

Parts of North America and other continents are slowly rising due to an effect called post-glacial rebound. That much geologists knew.

But it turns out this slow recovery is also causing a very small horizontal shift, said Eric Calais, a geophysicist at Purdue University in Indiana. The movement varies from one spot to another, but the overall effect amounts to a 1-millimeter shortening per year of the distance between Florida and the Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada. That's about an inch every 25 years.
This new map should be posted in every FEMA office, at least when they aren't primping themselves to appear on TV and passing catty emails. The circles I drew show intersecting spheres of influence and the red arrows are major earth directional movement, the green arrows, lesser movement.

Where many red arrows going in opposite directions and their spheres of influence intersect are earthquake zones. Maybe these don't happen all too often, after all, the whole eastern half of this continent is relatively quiet. This quietness is deceptive. The Northridge earthquake, for example, happened very suddenly and it was a bit of subduction never noticed before by scientists.

Looking at this map, the New Madrid site is pretty obvious with two red arrows in exact opposite direction. This means, the land is bulging there again and will have yet another earthquake. The only question is when, not if.

One big surprize is the Missouri River. When I first looked at the map, it looked like "directions of vote stealing in the GOP, note how prominent Florida is, for example. And of course, all swirling around DC! But it is a geological map.

Looks like western Kansas and eastern Colorado just might get some nasty jolts in the future. But the big one is DC. Everything from the Great Lakes is moving south to the Ohio River which interrupts the flow and then with a slight change of direction, continues. But along the Appalachian mountains the continent is moving north. Guess they will clash at Gettysburg!

New York City is going into New Jersey which is heading towards Gettysburg, too. Meanwhile, Dc is heading south along with the rest of Delaware. The interesecting circles of influence, thanks to Abramoff, I suppose, are setting the stage for a big earthquake in DC.

Guess Fritzgerald is going to indite Rove.

When Rove collapses in a faint, the shaking will be felt far and wide. We shall see...Heh.

Accelerated melting of Earth's glaciers in recent years has forced the planet to let a notch out of its belt as its midsection gains girth, according to a study released today.

The increased water flowing into the oceans each year since 1997 is equal to a square block of ice that would cover much of Utah, accounting for about half of a mysterious equatorial bulge first reported in August.

The other contributing half appears to involve changing ocean currents that have redirected water from polar regions to tropical areas.

The puzzling redistribution of mass actually involved a measurement of Earth's gravitational field.
Well, the entire planet is changing shape, just like I deduced. The weight of the ice as well as the releasing of water which flows naturally to warmer waters is causing the equator to bulge plus the warmer the water, the more it bulges plus releasing the weight on Antarctica means it rises but then this unlocks the other tectonic plates which shift uneasily and we have see the results of that: Australia out of control, careening in a cartwheel fashion straight towards Japan.

Which has had quite a serious of jolts this year but nothing compared to where the rift opened next to Indonesia! That is still shaking. We are nearly at the Christmas anniversary of that quake and if this latest change in our planet follows previous ones, the period of great quakes isn't over, not at all, yet.

More to come.

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