Monday, October 03, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As the rest of humanity struggles to deal with global warming due to global pollution, Americans work hard to ignore or deliberately misunderstand what is going on. Because we are the chief agents of the pollution that is causing the weather to change drastically, it is our desire to continue living in our stupid bubble that is stopping efforts to control this pollution.

But Mother Nature ignores our stupid reactions and continues to torment us.

From ABC news:
A storm dumped up to a foot of rain over parts of northeast Kansas on Sunday, sparking flash flooding that left people stranded in homes and cars, emergency officials said.

No serious injuries were reported, but emergency crews used airboats to navigate fast-moving floodwaters that damaged many homes.

About a foot of rain fell overnight in Jefferson County, and up to 10 inches was reported in Jackson County.
People were plucked from trees. 12" is a lot of rain. I have lived in Kansas and thirty years ago, this was not considered normal at all. It is still so abnormal, it makes the news...unlike the death toll from the hurricanes which has now become a state secret thanks to Lt. Gen. Honore and the owners of the media who want to keep a lid on public anger. Like bovine creatures sent to the knacker to be knocked off, the vast American public has gone back to chewing the cud.

Here is a survey of the mooing masses: From ABC news again:
Most Americans rule out either a deliberate act of God or the effect of global warming as direct causes of the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes.

Just under a quarter in this ABC News/Washington Post poll see the hurricanes as "a deliberate act" of God; two-thirds instead see them as an occurrence on God's Earth, but not a deliberate act on God's part. (The rest have no opinion, or don't believe in God.)
Hahahaha. HAHAHA. So neither "god" nor "nature" did it, it was just "one of those things".

Well, the helpless little sticks called "Americans" can just float down this river going over the Niagra Falls! All my life, I have noticed that child/wife/family abusers all the time think the violence and stupidity of their abuse is inevitable and normal and why should someone call the cops? Of course, one screams and throws things and goes insane. This is no big deal! And so the planetary abusers continue their relentless plan to build a massive bubble around themselves while leaving the others who live with nature, to suffer the consequences.

After this recent rash of killer hurricanes, Congress and our bubble builders hauled out an "authority" to say before a committee, these hurricanes are part of a "normal" cycle. Well, unfortunately for the victims of these hurricanes, the news that the numbers are normal but the intensity is not normal, it is way off the scale!--barely made any news in America but made news all over the rest of the planet. A record number of typhoons hit Asia, one hit Taiwan and China just two days ago, we ignore these just like we ignore the rest of humanity. A thunderstorm killed 54 people in Vietnam last week and we ignored this, too, like we ignore everyone including Americans clinging to trees.

And California is burning down yet again! Whoopee. We click our heels and say, "There is no global warming!" and wish ourselves back to Kansas only to remember, Kansas is where tornadoes and flash floods happen and we are stuck in a tree again!

A volcano blew dirt in the air in El Salvador yesterday, killing peasants and changing the climate, yet again. If any volcano pulls a big blow-out like Pitumbo did in 1991, global temperatures will pummet and I will have a very cold, snowy winter up here. And this is why statistics on weather are not good guides. Global warming's effects would be a lot worse if Pitumbo hadn't erupted and the stats were driven way down by it.

Just trust me, 12" rainstorms out of what used to be normal thunderstorms is not normal. It just is not. Except in jungles. And there is a lot the matter with Kansas but one of them isn't, it has become a jungle...It is becoming a desert. And deserts have very violent storms in between long periods of no rain.

In the future, I suspect fewer Americans will be singing in the rain. Screaming, perhaps.

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