Thursday, September 29, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even the stupidest nay-sayer can't say we aren't witnessing global warming. All the evidence is now such an extent, it is impossible to deny. Like all complicated ecosystems, indeed, all existing entities from single celled viruses to whales, many forces are at work.

The sun doesn't merely "shine"---it is generating all sorts of energy that has multiple levels and wavelengths. When the sun spat out x-rays at us recently, up here on my little mountain, that day was very clear and the blast hit our ecosystem full force. It was already dangerously dry due to global warming and that blast took its toll. Literally, during the two days the blast struck us giving us fabulous aurora boreali, the leaves on all the trees in the forest except for the very tough oak leaves, withered rapidly and now, long before the first freeze, all the beeches and birches and maples are shedding their leaves as fast as possible.

Right now a really bad storm is bearing down on us. We have had tornadoes in the mountains in the past 15 years. My father expressed amazement that we have them at all, they are supposed to happen only in flat places, not steep hillsides. They form on the slopes and race down into the narrow valleys. Quite a few have done amazing damage and even killed people this way. One skipped right over our roof two years ago. It was this black shadow that spilled over the far ridge, running right over the hilliest part of the hollows. It was so strong, it made a bee-line across the little Hoosic and ran right up our mountain but thanks to the steepness of our hills, it shot into the air after uprooting trees 200' BELOW our house and we took little damage but it blew in all our lower story doors and broke one door frame. We got soaked, holding the breaking doors shut.

Tornadoes are a side effect of powerful energy from the sun being discharged. Lightning is part of this process, too. Hurricanes certainly are this. Today, in the news, 58 people drowned in Vietnam thanks to very violent thunderstorms. Last month, a number of people in the Alps and surrounding communities were killed by lightning and drowned when a very powerful group of thunderstorms indunated the area. England, about a month ago, had a tornado hit a major community, it luckily didn't kill anyone. I have an old book from 1850 that is a chronicle of "odd stories" published in London and it has all sorts of funny tidbits concerning England, people who were unusual or lived very long, etc.

They have weather stories, too. One was about this tornado in Sussex that destroyed three 1780! It was called "singular" and they didn't even have a name for it back then! Even America didn't have a name for it back then! Certainly, none ever hit New York's eastern mountains.

The book informed their readers these things are called "tornadoes" and then suggested it wouldn't happen again but it has, and the violent flash floods that have plagued England this summer in between hot, sunny days, is not "normal" at all but is very like weather in the Midwest plains of America.

The asinine position the southern/GOP politicians took towards those people suffering tornado damage up north is infuriating and disheartening. It shows clearly that the USA isn't united about anything. Especially global warming. The people in the south should be especially worried but they are not. They think, this is all a lark. Why, if a series of huge hurricanes destroy their cities, they will tax the north to rebuild bigger and better! So there! We will be allowed to fix our own homes and endure winter storms by ourselves while they get new cities every few years.

This is why global warming isn't going to be pleasant.

We are trapped with a crew of very vicious, self centered people who want this to happen. It is, for them, a golden opportunity. A gold rush is on in DC with lobbyists all over the map converging like roaches spotting a rotting Thanksgiving turkey left on the kitchen floor. They love this. This is like winning....the trifecta for them.

The rest of creation?

Well, Mother Nature swings Her scythe and She doesn't give a hoot who She exterminates.

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