Monday, May 23, 2005


The National Geographic reports on a British study showing that athletes using red uniforms win more often than those wearing other colors. Of course, this doesn't explain the Red Sox's long quest for victory but they were under a curse so we will overlook them. Maybe this is why the media used red as the color for the GOP's wins. Who knows?

Evidently, the early communists felt inspired by red. The Chinese flag is very red. Red is also a lucky color in Asia.
“Zhongguancun” doesn’t roll off the Western tongue easily, but it will soon be an address that technology investors must learn. For 25 years, locales from Singapore to the south of France have tried to create their own Silicon Valleys, but the original’s remarkable spirit has never been duplicated. China, however, is putting the finishing touches on its own Silicon Valley — and this time, they may have found the recipe.

The Zhongguancun district is in the dusty northeast corner of Beijing not far from the old Chinese emperors’ Summer Palace. It is already populated by thousands of high-tech companies — local firms large and small, as well as international outposts of companies ranging from Microsoft and Sun to Siemens and NEC. But now, in the heart of Zhongguancun, sleek new buildings are rising around prestigious Tsinghua University, creating what will be a world-class technology incubator.

Meng Mei, a Tsinghua University professor and the managing director of the Tsinghua Science Park, explained that the Science Park facilities weren’t just for research. Tsinghua is building an entire infrastructure of business support, from venture capital to legal services to property management. There are even support groups for entrepreneurs.

“We need a culture,” says Meng, “that gives small companies the confidence to succeed.”

That, of course, is part of Silicon Valley’s secret sauce — an entrepreneurial infrastructure that can take a company from napkin doodle to business cards and a health plan in a week.
We will concede that the name, "Zhongguancun" is a bit of a hurdle. We suggest they get some nickname. After all, Silicon Valley was empty farmland when I last passed through back in 1972. Didn't have much of any names, just local towns like San Jose. The university that lay at the core of Silicon Valley were really a complex of universities. Stanford and Berkeley being the most famous. The nexus of liberal education plus technological ferment coupled with graduates wanting to live near where they went to school all add up to a very powerful cocktail. The Northeast Corridor is similar. The key is the universities and it is pleasant to see the Chinese understanding this. Hopefully the will also understand the need for freedom, the quest of the mind and spirit. As our country shuts down its own brains, energy is picking up elsewhere. The reason the Culture of Life News begs for freedom of thought is because all societies that decide to control minds ends up losing control of reality. Reality happens no matter what. Knowing how to deal with it takes brains. This is why humans evolved into creatures with big brains. Those humans that used the big brain to think survived better than stupid humans who couldn't figure out what was going on or why or plan ahead.

Speaking about planning ahead,
China takes U.S. plans to boost its space military capabilities very seriously and is likely to respond with energetic counter-measures of her own, a leading expert on the Chinese space program told United Press International.

Chinese experts and leaders fear if the United States achieves absolute military and strategic superiority in space it could be used to intervene in China's affairs, such as the Taiwan issue, Hui Zhang, an expert on space weaponization and China's nuclear policy at the John F, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University told UPI.
Not only is America initiating on its own, a nuclear arms race, we are trying to militarize space, too. Granted, the USA media reports, though no one can trust them at all, that Bush is only "thinking" about this but we all know Bush's "brains" and how they operate. He is merely looking to do this unnoticed. As if the Chinese are too stupid to know how this duplicious man operates.

So once again they warn us. Won't stop us. But they do this for a reason. Connecting the dots here is easy. The USA is stumbling along, dragging down relentlessly in the war against the Muslims, just today, the commander of the Iraqis we put in place was assassinated, the USA is on the ropes, financially, wasting the last of the bounty of international financing in a ludicrous binge of real estate speculation, and now we think we have infinite funds to spend on Star Wars toys. The Chinese don't mind a space race, actually. They figure this will not only bring prestige and power but also boost their use of their own scientists who used to seek work in the USA but after the arrest and torment of that New Mexican scientist, accusing him of being a Chinese spy, few Chinese want to work for the American government now.

This is most interesting. Will the Chinese figure out how freedom of speech and thought equals economic and scientific power? Will they surpass what used to be liberal America via this method? It is most interesting to watch. I feel badly that our own government can't figure this out.