Friday, May 06, 2005

One of the Tousand Reasons I Still Love Al Gore


I have always loved Al Gore. He is the super geek for us geeks. He is quite frankly the person I voted for with utter happiness. No holding the nose or complaints. I fought fiercely for him. It was just criminal how the press made up stories about him. He won that election, even the press was forced in the bitter end to admit this but they backed "tax cut Bush" nearly 100% and they pretended the Supreme Court didn't rip up the Constitution when they disgustingly suspended the legal and correct counting of votes in Florida...well, they kept attacking Gore even after he surrendered to Bush. Gore didn't want to divide the nation so he bowed to the real rulers and thought he could make a come back only they hiss and howl every time he appears in public.

It is all so sad and infuriating and being who he is, it really hurt him. A lot. So I pleases me no end to get this news:

Gore to Get Lifetime Award for Internet

By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer Thu May 5, 8:28 AM ET
NEW YORK - Al Gore may have been lampooned for taking credit in the Internet's development, but organizers of the Webby Awards for online achievements don't find it funny at all.

In part to "set the record straight," they will give Gore a lifetime achievement award for three decades of contributions to the Internet, said Tiffany Shlain, the awards' founder and chairwoman.

"It's just one of those instances someone did amazing work for three decades as congressman, senator and vice president and it got spun around into this political mess," Shlain said.

Vint Cerf, undisputedly one of the Internet's key inventors, will give Gore the award at a June 6 ceremony in New York.

"He is indeed due some thanks and consideration for his early contributions," Cerf said.

Gore, who boasted in a CNN interview he "took the initiative in creating the Internet," was only 21 when the Internet was born out of a Pentagon project.

But after joining Congress eight years later, he promoted high-speed telecommunications for economic growth and supported funding increases for the then-fledging network, according to the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which presents the annual awards.

He popularized the term "information superhighway" as vice president.

Al Gore is on the board of directors of Apple. This is why I buy Apple products, aside from the joy of using them, I will do anything to support Al Gore. If other corporations ask him to guide them, I will support that but they won't. Nothing infuriates the right wing more than Gore getting his due.

"Al brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Apple from having helped run the largest organization in the world--the United States government," Jobs said. "Al is going to be a terrific director, and we're excited and honored that he has chosen Apple as his first private sector board to serve on."
In a statement, Gore praised Jobs for rebuilding Apple.

"Steve and his team have done an incredible job in making Apple once again the very best in the world," Gore said. "I have been particularly impressed with the new Mac OS X operating system and the company's commitment to the open-source movement. And I am especially looking forward to working with and learning from the great board members who have guided this legendary company's inspiring resurgence."

Since losing his bid to become president, Gore has been a senior adviser to Google. He also is a visiting professor at the University of California, Los Angeles; Fisk University; and Middle Tennessee State University.

The former veep is a noted champion of technology who helped popularize the term "information superhighway." However, he also earned the scorn of the tech community for once saying that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Congratulations, MR. PRESIDENT. May you be honored with more awards. I still love ya.