Thursday, November 10, 2005

Russia and China Increase Joint Space Cooperation While USA Slides

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Russia and China have announced a joint moon/space exploration effort. Simultaneously, the Europeans press Bush about the Space Station, they prepare dumping us and joining with the Russians and Chinese. NASA continues to die. Meanwhile, money for spying and dirty tricks rises from $22 billion to over $44 billion under Bush.

From Xinahuanet:
China and Russia pledged to deepen long-term cooperative relations in the space sector, with focus on joint development of large projects, which will bring about mutual benefits and win-win results, said the space experts.

  According to the joint communique issued at the 10th regular meeting between Chinese and Russian prime ministers, the two sides agreed to "explore the possibility of cooperation in the moon and deep space exploration" as well as joint development of large space projects.

The progress and achievements China has made in the space sector is indispensable to the signing of the long-term space cooperation program between China and Russia, said Wu Guoting, researcher with the China Space Technology Institute, in a interview with Xinhua.

Russia proposed to cooperate with China on lunar and deep spaceprobe projects, which demonstrates its confidence on the Sino-Russian space cooperation, he said.
We pressed Russia to give us more money for our joint operations concerning the Space Station. Just last week, the Europeans asked us if we were going to revive the Shuttle but NASA was mum. The Europeans suspect that Bush wants to ditch the whole thing. Germany sits on a finished Space Station addition that has already cost over a billion. The budget for NASA hasn't budged but the funds for fixing the Shuttle have skyrocketted while the Shuttle sits idle and we need the Russians to keep the station going but we don't want to pay for this because we have NO MONEY!

Supposedly. According to the news this week, at a meeting with reporters, a Bush official accidentally spilled the beans and announced our Homeland Security secret funds for spies and such is over $44 billion. This is double what it was under Clinton. Clinton didn't keep the spy funds secret but after 9/11, it was declared secret because, unlike Valarie Plame's secrets, it might "hurt" our war against magic number addict bin Laden! As if he gives a hoot how much we are spending, actually, he does since his plan is to bankrupt us!

Anyway,From Research news:
NASA will need a $3.5 billion increase on its current budget to fund the Space Shuttle program up to 2010, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin told the House Committee on Science November 3.

However, Griffin believed the agency would be able to make savings that could significantly reduce the deficit. He said his staff was looking for synergies between the shuttle and exploration programs and he hoped to be able to report back in six months time with more encouraging news. He also pointed out that the budgetary shortfall would not begin to cause serious problems before 2008.

Opening the committee hearing, its chairman Sherwood Boehlert, R-NY, had praised Griffin’s leadership since his appointment as NASA’s head in April. He also backed Griffin’s plans to cut funding for Space Station research, technology development and the nuclear propulsion initiative Project Prometheus.

But Boehlert expressed concern that NASA was attempting to more than its current budget would allow. He said the agency was undergoing a renaissance and that would need money at a time when there were no “medics waiting in the wings.”
To Mars! In a rust bucket! We can panhandle for fuel on the way, maybe some aliens in outerspace will lend us some fuel.

From USA Today:
NASA does not have enough money to finish building the International Space Station, and the agency is studying more cuts in the number of shuttle flights as well as the Kennedy Space Center workforce.
OK, so we are spending more than twice as much on Secret Super Duper Spying not to mention $300 billion in Iraq plus another $400 billion a year on the Pentagon and for what?

To stop magic number bin Laden from bombing whoever he fingers? Hahaha. Obviously, this is a rank waste of money. Since we doubled and quadrupled spending on security and military power, our world standing is collapsing, witness how everyone is cutting us out of their space plans now!---Our finances are falling, our vulnerabilities are rising, our dependence on foreign fuels is rising while our trade deficit is ballooning...And we have no real space program as I predicted.

Firing everyone and shutting down the science side of our space program has gotten us exactly nothing. I predicted when the new right wing lunatic took over NASA that Griffin would destroy it. He is a fool tool. He really wants to go to Mars, I wish he would go there, he thought he was going to fix it up so we could go to Mars and it was obvious from the first week when Bush announced the Mars initiative and then the Shuttle disintigrated over Texas, the plan was to strangle NASA while not getting them all riled up and fighting back. Pretend we are changing missions and they would not make any noise.

Well, now it is obvious: we are alienating our allies by killing the Space Station which our allies spend oodles of money on, we have seriously dissed them while spending lavishly on spying which is probably the least effective spy system on earth since it is utterly corrupt, it is more a funnel for funny money to flow to pet projects as well as pet nations that want loot from American taxpayers, there is a host of them with hands out for this secret slush fund which sloshes back into DC as these same foreigners spend money on lobbyists to gain access to Bush's declining powers.

Meanwhile, the Hubble Space Telescope's gyroscopes die.

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