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Art by Elaine Meine Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The sun has long been recognized as a variable star because of the roughly 20-year sun spot cycle but recently, thanks to the many space telescopes and monitors we have launched and the old NASA has monitored, we now know exactly how unstable the sun really is. Namely, it is periodically spitting out x-ray events.

One such event-epidsode is happening right now. For a week, the giant sunspot storm has been facing away from the earth so only space monitors have been able to see what was going on as major coronal events occured but now it has rotated into sight so we can see directly what is going on with all our array of space/earth monitoring systems. The same systems Bush and the new NASA head want to cut back, are cutting back, our bankruptcy is cutting back.
From Space Daily:
X-ray solar flare Wednesday. Scientists are currently tracking a very large flare that occurred on the Sun around 1:40 pm EDT (17:40 UT). The current estimate of the size of the explosion is X-17; that would place the flare as the fifth largest ever observed.

While the blast was not aimed at Earth, the event created a complete blackout of high frequency communications in North and South America. According to the NOAA Space Environment Center, communications used by emergency services along the Gulf Coast may have experienced problems due to this flare.

Low frequency navigation systems may also have experienced a period of significant degradation. Further, they report that agencies impacted by space weather storms may experience disruptions over the next two weeks. These include spacecraft operators, electric power systems, high frequency communications, and low-frequency navigations systems.

It is ongoing today. We live on a mountain and yesterday, four short bursts of loss of all electricity and phone service happened in quick succession. It was rather odd. The great North East blackout in 2003 occured exactly when the sun was emitting x-rays. I remember well that day because all week I was fretting about the sun and then, while talking to a customer, I suddenly said, "I feel very oppressed. The sun is doing something. Something will happen, I feel like lightning is going to strike and there are no clouds." About ten minutes later, all power failed. We had a radio going and heard the unfolding story of a massive power failure. This same month, power all over the planet failed in many places.
Note the singular surge in August, 2003.

They are connected to the sun.

Our sun isn't stable and this is yet another reason to develop interstellar flight. I have said this for 45 years. The entire goal, if we living things want to live, is to prevent asteroids and comets from striking the earth and to "seed" other star systems although, looking at us, I sometimes wonder if we might be the evil aliens, no?
As I was writing these articles, the sun burst went right off the scale. K index very high.

Huge auroras last night, bigger ones today. The outermost envelope of our troposphere is being pushed downwards. The atmosphere itself is changing right now.
Explosive activity from within the sun shooting out gas as well as x-rays.


September is the beginning of aurora season. Why? It has to do with the sun's magnetic field near Earth--the so-called interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). When the IMF tips south, it opens a crack in Earth's magnetic defenses against the solar wind, fueling geomagnetic storms. During the weeks around the autumnal equinox, the IMF tips further south, on average, than it does at any other time of the year--hence aurora season. [See also the August 2005 aurora gallery.]
Yes, we will see amazing auroal lights. It was no accident that the creators (hi, dad!) who founded AURA chose those initials. My father was studying auroras and variable star systems when he was on the committee that came up with the name.

We are vulnerable right now. Personally, I feel this in my bones, like breathing ozone before a storm. My dad used to worry about our nuclear systems during solar episodes, he still worries, because of deteriorating communication systems, satellite damage or shut downs plus people going crazy because they are being bombarded by invisible stuff from outerspace. All things electronic can have increasing problems, whole systems collapse, even like the last time. I hope this doesn't happen.

Panic can set in at NORAD which is filled with incompentent people. Note how relentlessly Bush and the neo-cons drove into early retirement so many capable people including Powell! They also can't understand that when the earth is being bombarded at its most critical stage, here in the Northern Hemisphere, by x-rays and cosmic rays and all sorts of products from massive eruptions, this disorganizes our brains which are, I assure you, very electrical in nature, namely, impulses are transmitted from one set of nerves to others and cosmic things like lightning bolts and sun spot emnations can disrupt the internal thinking apparatus.

God, do I know this.

Whenever I get a near hit, like a bolt is within 100 yards of me, my grammatical abilities deteriorate for a week or so and slowly recover and memory systems don't fail, they just get scrambled a tad. Ouch.
Greene, NY, auroras last night, picture by Karl Kuehn, from

&spades From Yahoo news:
Scientists said that the 100 square-mile (260 sq-km) bulge, first discovered by satellite, poses no immediate threat to nearby residents.

"It is perfectly safe for anyone over there," said Michael Lisowski, geophysicist at the United States Geological Survey's Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington.

The bulge is rising at a rate of about 1.4 inches per year, according to a report issued by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The bulge is located in a sparsely populated area 3 miles

southwest of South Sister, a mountain 25 miles west of Bend, Oregon.

Lisowski said the unnamed bulge was created because of a big cavity, estimated to be about 4.5 miles below the surface, that is filling with fluid.

The fluid is likely magma, but could also be water. It was described in the report as a lake 1 mile across and 65 feet deep.
The whole planet is in upheaval. Perhaps it was ultimately triggered by the sun. When the sun exerts great energy, it pushes against the envelope protecting the earth and deforms not only it but the planet itself. Even if the pushing doesn't "seem" great, the planet, being a dynamic system instead of a dead one like the moon or Mars, warps because our core is active. Probably thanks to the existence of the oceans which have protected the hot core all these eons. But as we can see, the crust isn't all that steady or thick, either, again, thanks to the oceans.

You see, the oceans constantly replentish and eat the ocean's outer crust. Like a great conveyor belt, the top of the surface is pulled under the continents and remelted and new stuff comes oozing out of the opposite ends or the middle of the oceans. So as the sun flexes our outer planetary systems, it affects all the way inwards in many ways we have yet to understand.

We evolved because of this over all force. Every time the sun alters our planet, bursts of high powered radiation that blasts into our ecosystem causes rapid mutations and the planet flexing causes massive earthquakes and volcanic action...the history of life on earth, thanks to the variable, unforgiving but life affirming sun.

This dynamic system is why we were able to live, evolve and become what we are today. And today, the sun again exerts its great authority over us and changes us yet again.

We shall see.

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