Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Military space laser shooting down another satellite

The militarization of space moves relentlessly ahead. No article detailing this talks about WWIII but this is what it is all about: the coming conflict with all other nations as America, desperate and bankrupt, simply holds up the world at gun point and openly steals all world resources.

This coming tragedy is going to be mostly done with remote controls from deep caves using various robotic methods. Namely, it won't be about ships and planes and soldiers. It will be all about nukes eliminating as many urban civilians as fast as possible. To survive this holocaust, the American plan is to eliminate all antimissile systems of our future opponents in Europe and Asia and then to rain death on them, hopefully they will surrender before that step. That is the plan, anyway.

Of course, as we move forward with this mad scheme, others note each step and take appropriate measures, namely, preparations to pre-emptively destroy all our cities is now in motion. It has always been a hair trigger thing in the past, this is why the hot line was installed in the Kremlin and the White House. Now it will be hyper hairtrigger since destroying America in this way will have to be decided upon and implemented swiftly before the American system is finished.
Ergo, our danger grows as our attempts at building these systems proceeds.

For more than a decade, the military utilization of space has become all the more important in warfighting. Since the Gulf War of 1991, using space assets has enabled air, land, and sea forces and operations to be far more effective.

Space power has changed the face of warfare. So much so, particularly for the United States, skirmishes of the 21st century cannot be fought and won without space capabilities. That reliance has led to a key action item for U.S. space warriors: how best to maintain and grow the nation’s space superiority and deny adversaries the ability to use space assets.

That fact has prompted arguments as to the "weaponization" of space — from satellites killing satellites, exploding space mines, even using technology to make an enemy’s spacecraft go deaf, dumb, or blind.
Instead of extending peace and security for the world, our rulers are definitely planning for WWIII. This is painfully obvious which is why Bush wants the hyper furiouso madman, Bolton, as our top ambassador to the UN. Repeatedly spitting in everyone's eye, going around, alienating even allies, Bush intends to use the super big stick in the end to get whatever he wants. The corporate masters who laud "hostile take overs" and "lean and mean" philosophies yearn to do this blatantly using the sword instead of stock options.

The need to attack our creditors grows by the hour as we rack up one world shattering trade deficit after another and as we spend increasingly recklessly on war and war machines. The logic of this system has to end in extreme violence. Since no one can make us pay our way, the only option is to cut us off from world trade which will happen once things reach a critical stage: ogovernmentent is 10 trillion in the red with accumulated debt (we are at almost 8 trillion now) and our trade deficit reaches 8% of GNP and our ability to tap wealth by inflating the price of our homes ceases (we are about that point now). This will mean bankruptcy and war.

Bush's spokesman says,
"But we believe in the peaceful exploration of space," McClellan continued. "And there are treaties in place, and we continue to abide by those treaties. But there are issues that relate to our space program that could affect those space programs that we need to make sure are addressed."

As for the interagency review process of national space policy itself, McClellan added: "It’s not looking at weaponizing space, as some reports had previously suggested. But the peaceful exploration of space also includes the ability of nations to be able to protect their space systems."
"Protection" translates into "actively preemptively attack others." To protect, you put on armor or build a wall. To attack, you actively seek out and destroy "enemies." There is a difference. The laser attack machines will seek out GPS and tracking systems, none of which are offensive weapons. It is like shooting someone using only binoculars vs shooting someone who is shooting back. In time of war, you destroy all the "enemies" equipment and murder as many babies as possible. But that isn't "defensive." Putting up anti aircraft guns around cities filled with babies who are the prime target of modern warfare is defensive.

Meanwhile, the first solar sail is about to be launched. According to Space.com:
A milestone making space mission is, quite factually, ready to set sail.

The privately sponsored Cosmos-1 solar sail is to fly into Earth orbit courtesy of a boost from a Russian Volna rocket, deployed from a Russian nuclear submarine positioned in the Barents Sea.

The submarine-launched rocket, carrying the solar sail is targeted for liftoff on June 21 at 3:46 p.m. EDT. The Volna rocket being tapped to toss Cosmos 1 into a roughly 500 mile (800 kilometer) circular, near polar orbit is a converted ballistic missile of the type once armed and aimed at the United States.

Cosmos 1’s flight is viewed as a stepping stone in developing future solar sail technologies. Solar sailing has been a long sought technology that could lead to future interstellar flight.

The solar sailing craft is a project of The Planetary Society, a public space advocacy group headquartered in Pasadena, California. The effort is also sponsored by Cosmos Studios, a science-based entertainment company located in Ithaca, New York.
Again and again, private citizen groups struggle to create dreams, the dream of interstellar flight, peaceful uses of space, all this being done while NASA slips into a coma and the government dreams of becoming Darth Vader. Note how the weapons of death are converted to peaceful uses! Oh, it is the Russians doing this! My, have times changed.

I remember the earlier space program. To be optimistic, the flight to the moon was supposed to be for all humanity only, when we got there, we didn't plant the UN flag, we stuck an American flag there. I grit my teeth. This was a great gesture for American exceptionalism but a disaster for space exploration which has to come from a unified earth working together! Anyone who thinks private enterprise or one governmentseizesieze space while defying much of humanity is sadly mistaken.

International cooperation should always be our collective goal. This is pure survivalism. Together, we stand, divided we fall into internal civil conflicts called "wars."

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