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Earthquake statistics the last week
7.0 earthquake on border of Oregon/California
A major earthquake struck off the coast of northern California on Tuesday, prompting a fleeting but sweeping tsunami warning from the California-Mexico border to Vancouver Island.

No injuries or damaged were reported as a result of the 7.0-magnitude quake. But for a short time, it did raise fears of a tsunami.

The quake struck at approximately 7:50 p.m. local time Tuesday, about 145 kilometres southwest of the coastal community of Crescent City, California.

The West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (WCATWC) published a bulletin warning of the possibility the undersea quake could trigger a tsunami.
Don't look at California. Look at Alaska, espeically Rat Island. The statistics on Rat Island the last 48 hours is very alarming. There were only occassional earthquakes centered on Rat Island since the Great Sumatran Earthquake. But the last two days there were 12, all 4.0-7.0 richter events. This is identical to what hearlded the Boxing Day event. I was watching for a great quake there, checking the monitors on line every two hours that day. Got up twice at night, the second time, sitting all night, watching the data flow in, filled with sorrow for all those lost souls.

But now, there is no excuse! The great zipper running along the entire North/South American coasts is blowing! The Rockies are going to rise higher, ditto the Andes. Eventually, both will rival the Himalyans which are also still growing! Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Ranier are all going to be active in the next twenty years. The volcanoes in Indonesia have caused the greatest dangers to humanity during the last 5 million years. The Ice Ages were a challenge but change the environment of the coasts slowly so we adapted easily to it, relatively speaking, indeed, we flourished.

But humanity passed through several keyhole events where the greater number of our ancestors perished suddenly and the laws of Darwin kicked in with a vengence: only the very smartest survived and human brain size shot up rapidly. In "the Aquatic Ape and African Eve" Elaine Morgan theorizes humans became upright and hairless because they were pushed out of the jungles and when some went to the plains, they evolved but died out (homo habilis) while the smarter ones went to the sea and lived between the jungle and the sea (our ancestors). One danger there is tsunamis. And there were several big ones over the eons. This is why few primative tribes were on the beaches when the tsunami hit, they noticed many animals fleeing and fled themselves.
Those who have opened this site are most likely to be aware of the Aquatic Ape Theory of mankind’s evolution and African Eve, the hypothetical ancestor of modern mankind. The first book available here in the public domain, Aquatic Man and African Eve, thoroughly explores these issues in an easily-read style primarily for the lay person. But the professional scientist will also find informed discussion which presents the logic of the Aquatic Hypothesis equated to latest fossil finds and research into behaviour and nutrition.
There are three anatomical phases in the evolution of humankind: from forest ape to bipedal hominid, to brawny homo erectus with a small brain, to homo sapiens with a large brain. Fossils of extinct species and subspecies have been found along the way, but no clear evidence of how and when transition occurred is yet available.
The author believes that there is an increasing weight of testimony that whenever the main line of descent has made a jump in anatomical and behavioural evolution, the Indian Ocean shores have provided the Driving Force.
I highly recommend reading the book with an open mind. I happen to agree with this hypothesis, have since I first saw Elaine Morgan lecture on it back in the seventies. A light went on in my head. Yes! That is it!

The volcano, Tobe, has a 70,000 year cycle of blowing up and each time, the scythe of death removed many hominid hunter/gatherer groups and thinned out the coastal tribes greatly. We all descend from a very precious few humans, you know. This is why we must watch Indonesia very closely. It is the key to us being humans and is a deadly harbinger for it can bring us Ice Ages as well as tsunamis!

Survival of the fittest in America:
The tsunami siren system in Crescent City was activated at 8:14 p.m. and continued for about 40 minutes, Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson said. About 4,000 people -- mostly from Crescent City -- were evacuated. Wilson reported some minor traffic accidents but no injuries.

Xiojin Yuan, the owner of the beachfront Hampton Inn and Suites in Crescent City, said police quickly told him to evacuate the guests at the 53-room hotel. He stayed alone at the hotel to make sure no one was left behind.

The area hit is where the North American, Pacific Ocean and Juan de Fuca plates converge and has earthquakes of this magnitude about once a decade, said Lucy Jones, the scientist in charge of the U.S. Geological Survey office in Pasadena.

"This is a relatively common event," Jones said. "It's what is called a triple junction where three plates come together."
OK. Yes, this happens regularily like all the earthquake prone parts of the earth. But this event is quite different from all previous ones the last 400 years. Namely, it is part of the Great Unravelling of the complex system of fault lines. It always comes in conjunction with a similar event in...Sumatra! Duh. On the opposite side of the planet, literally, it takes 6 months for the energy in Asia to translate into energy in America. The key to this entire system is Antactica/Australia which were once on entity but now Australia is moving with increasing speed off into the Pacific, cartwheeling around the tip of Asia, eventually to slam into Japan, give or take 500 million years.

What irritates the hell out of me is the Geological Survey people's bland attitude about what is developing. Ho hum. Nothing to see. Move along. Don't worry, be happy. No concerns. Gads. This is criminal. Yes, people should be alarmed. Terrified, even. Especially terrified. My own family lives out there and you can't pay me to visit them. Nor will they listen to me even with my sterling record for calling earthquakes (it is even a family joke). They don't read my blog nor want to talk on the phone about earthquakes. Nor do they call me to ask about them and they are all scientists!

Gads. I am not a scientist. I just read and think.
Some of the evacuees Tuesday were tenants at the Surf Apartments, a senior housing complex that once was a hotel badly damaged by the 1964 tsunami. At least one resident, however, chose not to leave.
It is interesting that a hotel where people died in a previous tsunami is now home to the elderly. Moving people out is easy if the earthquake is only at sea. But like in Aceh Banda, I saw a video taken by a reporter who survived. The earthquake took down quite a few buildings and people were waving their arms under the rubble and calling for help when the wave came in, killing them. It is hard to evacuate if roads are suddenly cut in two when one half drops and the other rises, for example. In Seattle, within the city limits, geologists have found evidence from the last great unravelling 500 years ago, parts of the land shooting up 12-20 feet. In the low shoreline area, one scientist found a section that was flipped upside down during that event. This is right next to the elevated highway there.

Since this event happens around every 500 years and since the last one was in 1450, this means we better batten down the hatches. This fact should be mentioned by professional scientists. I know they are under orders to not alarm anyone. Maybe it won't happen! So why stick out the neck?

Well, during the Boxing Day massacre, scientists warned those in control of passing information to the public that there might be a great wave and this was disregarded because it might scare tourists off the beaches! So it is, now. Rather than preparing and bracing for the inevitable or maybe even fleeing it (guess what I would do), everyone sits there, thinking, "Maybe it won't happen after all!" and then, even as the earth murmers and growls underfoot, going around, laughing and drinking for tomorrow is another day...

MORE NEWS: Energy companies want to build huge LNG storage facilities in the most sensitive spots on the West Coast
One facility is going to be near Seattle in a zone that is very well known for both earthquakes and tsunamis.

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