Thursday, May 12, 2005

Menopause and the Moon

Venus of Laussel

The editor of this blog is a female. This means that from a fairly young age until recently, my poor body was at the mercy of the cruel moon. Menos and moon come from the same word in Indoeuropean proto languages. There is a famous carving of an ice age Venus holding a horn in one hand that is marked with thirteen marks up and thirteen down. Quite explict. In addition, the 23,000 year old carving has the Venus covering her vagina.

The month in which a woman is born can influence the age when the menopause begins, new research has claimed.

Scientists from the University of Modena in Italy claim that women born in March have the earliest age of menopause, while those with an October birthday have the latest.

Dr Angelo Cagnacci, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the university, said: "The age of menopause is influenced by the season in which the female is born."

The findings, reported in the European medical journal Human Reproduction, support the theory that environmental factors before birth have an impact on a baby▓s adult life, reports Reuters.

According to Xinhuanet. researchers have discorved that a woman's month of birth can affect the age when menopause begins, according to a Reuters report Wednesday.

Isn't that nice? My birthday happens to be the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. Some of my more unpleasant ancestors were there. They spoke a debased form of Norse/French. Avunt!

Anyway, I wondered why the pesky "time of the month" went on and on and on. After my 50th birthday it was down right annoying. And then, virtually right on schedule according to scientists, it ended just like some frivolous goddess decided the calendar and the moon and the year all lined up just right. Bingo.

Well. One learns something new every day, no? Did this amazing news get spread by CNN or even the NYT? Why isn't it headlines in America? Could it be a conspiracy? Doesn't fit the "runaway bride" matrix? Are they hiding this information from us to tease us?

Your guess is as good as mine...heh.

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