Thursday, May 12, 2005

I Can't Remember Where I Put My Memory Pill....

Pill for brain power

The editor of this blog often laughs at the inability to remember past events or to keep them in a mental grid. Most people, seemingly, the memory stores information in a rummage box and the only items that are kept in any order seem to be those very things our professional propagandists hammer into the head. This is why people remember the wrong things or in the wrong sequence. This is also why everyone remembers commercial jingles heard in one's youth. Persistent repetition pays off.

So here is some amazing news, at least sort of, we think the moon/menopause news is pretty neat!--

US scientists have invented a pill that can boost memory.
The drug CX717 belongs to a family of compounds called ampakines and works by boosting the brain chemical glutamate that makes learning and recall easy.

UK trials on 16 sleep-deprived volunteers showed it improved wakefulness and mental ability.

Its creator, Dr Gary Lynch from the University of California, told New Scientist it could be used to treat jet lag and diseases like Alzheimer's.

Well, this pill doesn't do me any good. Alas, it belongs to that catagory of chemicals that are, like caffine, stimulants. Just like people drink coffee to be alert, so they can pop this pill. I pop the pill and end up in the emergency room. Far from being more alert, I crash...badly. So does my son. It so happens, this month I had to take pain killers for my injured arm and it had this class of drugs in the formula and now I am off the pills, sick to my stomach almost every day. It is slowly fading. It is like the flue or worse.

But I am delighted this pill now exists. So often when I write things that indeed happened, most right wingers will hotly deny this. Now we lefties can request they take their memory meds. Heh. This includes Bush. Maybe the pill will force him to remember all sorts of things he would rather forget.

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