Saturday, April 09, 2005

Welcome to the Research Page of Culture of Life Science News

This page has been created so anyone can access the many links and large amounts of information of technical matters which I use for writing my editorials and stories. Some of my regular links such as the Kitt Peak cameras that let me gaze at my childhood home whenever I log on. The links to volcano and earthquake activity and the feeds that monitor our world and the universe.

There are some articles I refer to nearly every day, when talking about the Hubbert Oil Peak, for example. Or global warming. Or NASA. Why be mystified or just go to one item when there are many things to visit, all near by? This is why a second blog was needed. To make it easier for me, instead of combing through my thousands of links and the weedy, overgrown bookmarks section that I struggle to organize and clean up, losing important links all the time, trying to persuade Google to fetch and getting the wrong ball...very tiresome.

Anyone else who wants to use this blog for similar purpose are welcome. I exist to spread the word! There are not enough people who know enough in this world. I want to learn more, so do the readers here, I assume!

Better: if you link me something interesting in the comments section, I will put it in the right place here! I want more links! More information! Ha, greed is good!

Thank you!

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