Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Truth About Space and Time

Unlike most children, I grew up in a universe that was not only fluid but very tenuous. My grandfather instilled into my mind at a very early age, the idea that what you see now isn't what is now, it is only the past and the past is only a clue as to what is happening now. The sun, even as it shone upon my curious face, was something in the past, the sun was forever eight or more minutes ahead of me.

The confusions of Einsteinian space was normalacy for me. Aside from the fact that grandpa hung out with Einstein, both my parents allowed me to hang out in the observatories where they worked as well as free access to their offices. Like a cloud of chicks surrounding a clucking hen, my mother kept us within yelling distance of herself as she worked as an astronomer. I noticed, over the years, virtually no other astronomers did this.

When the Big Bang theory was born, I freaked out. "How can this happen?" I asked, over and over. "It was a Singularity", said my dad. "A miracle". This made him believe in "God". But it did the opposite for me. Traveling in the mind back to the beginning of it all, one has to understand the impossible.

So I built up a mental structure to explain this.

There are many laws of nature. There is gravity, there is conservation of energy, there is quantum mechanics and so on. Then there is random chance.

All my life, people talk about random chance. The favorite example used nearly universally is "'X' chances of being hit by lightning twice' or 'once'". I have been hit by lightning three times, directly, all indoors and all times, I took all possible measures to avoid being hit. What are the random chances of that? Not even in the same state, much less, building, too.

The number is so off the scale, perhaps, no human has ever won this record. Some have been hit several times, in the same place which is where lightning often hits. But I have been hit in odd places, never the same one. So I am a Singularity.

Thinking about Singularities amuses me. Imagine space and time when there was nothing there. Time was eternal since nothing degraded, there were no laws of nature because there was nothing to act out the laws, ergo, the laws were null and void. In this state of nonbeing, something had to be working, it had to have no physical features because this required something existing. What exists in nothingness?

Random chance.

What is random chance under these circumstances? Since there is nothing, it happens without anything acting out because of randomosity. This means, the only thing that is possible at all times is nothing. Head hurt yet? Well, when all possible chances are exhausted, there are other chances, more improbable like five Republicans winning in an election, all of them getting 18181 as the vote total? It "happened" here in America but I doubt it was due to random chance. Nonetheless, random chance silently and invisibly deals with such improbabilities and they are done, and it continues with contemplation of all possibilities. Eventually, there being no time, glitches in randomness occur as the improbable folds back into itself into such contortions that all possible improbabilities are now on top of each other and crushed together and then the only thing left is the impossible: a true Singularity.

This moment is amazingly explosive. All the laws of Nature are born simultaneously. Time begins.

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