Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Popping the Balloon

Pretend you have this immensely huge balloon. And each galaxy is a finger pressing into the surface of this balloon. As you travel along the outside skin of this balloon, it looks, as you POKE EVER DEEPER, that the time to pass out of the indentation you are in, travel around the balloon and then travel down into the indentation on the other side of the balloon, it is a great distance. Huge. Amazing. As you slide down the side of the opposite indentation, you speed up and it looks like your home indentation is truly traveling away from you at an increasingly accelerating speed.

Now, pretend you are God sitting in the middle of this balloon.

You can see the fingers indenting the balloon all at once, they are all coming closer together, the greater the weight, the closer to the center of the balloon they go.

All the smaller fingers are slipping along the surface of the balloon towards the two main fingers pressing in the hardest. Eventually after sitting there for 20 billion+ years, the fingers on either side of the balloon are the only ones left and they touch in the center.

And merge.

This will be called, "The Big Bang" by some future organism that figures out something is afoot.

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