Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hubbert Oil Peak Information

Life After the Oil Crash

This is a must read site. When I first found it, some years ago, I was estatic.

"A Fellow Voice in the Wilderness . . ."

Dear Matt,

You may or may not recognize my name. I am an old buddy of Ruppert, for several years we have chatted about the New Dark Ages.

My father wrote the first book about solar energy and was the head of
Carter's commission on alternative energy.

I used to lecture about what I call "the Real Dark Ages" when oil runs
out. I used to get all sorts of amusing ripostes. Like "there is about 500 years of coal left" and then I remind people that the Byzantine empire lasted for a thousand years. 500 years isn't much more than an eyeblink.

I used to ask people, "Raise your hand if you think people will be carrying your litter for you when the oil runs out and we revert to living like two hundred years ago". Everyone raises their hands. Then I tell them to put their hands down and I will show them who will be the laborers and who will be riding high and mighty, namely, myself.  "All of you will be doomed to be the ones pulling the car I will ride in for statistically, 99% of the population will serve the 1% and the chances of this 1% being all of you is near zero".

I also, in 1976, would explain that the current oil crisis was a currency/political crisis and was good because it was a wake up call.  I said, "In the year 2000, the real oil crisis will begin and we will be at war in the Middle East, fighting over oil".

I used to appear on TV and the radio and science fiction conventions and universities used to sponsor me, I even talked at a Dr. Who TV conference (meeting most of the doctors!). George Lucas and I once
appeared on stage together.

And today?

My phone doesn't ring. I have no speaking engagements. No one wants to hear me. As our pitiful window of opportunity slides shut, no one will talk to me. When I first e-mailed Ruppert, about six years ago, he was suprized I was so muffled. For my voice was stilled by our "real rulers" who decided, when they backed Reagan, that fantasy was better than reality and that the final plan would be to steal all that oil using our powerful military and our nukes.

The average American can't understand the downside to this plan. Downside: the oil will still run out but on top of no oil, we will be a dead civilization that doesn't deserve to exist. So much for America the Beautiful.

I welcome your blog and hope you keep up your labor.  Don't expect to get rich or beloved. I was Cassandra and my reward has been to be reviled and hated by millions. But if more people wake up and smell the stink, all the better. You might even see me on CBS again! Or CNN, for that matter!

By the way, Shell oil announced their oil reserves are 20% less than they claimed last month. They even admitted that pumping is vastly outstripping new finds. Here it is.  Already at our doorstep.

Elaine Supkis

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