Saturday, April 09, 2005

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Anti Japanese Riots Break Out in China

April 9 - Mass demonstrations here against Japan turned unruly late Saturday afternoon, with scattered vandalism and confrontations with the riot police intensifying what began as a fully legal and generally peaceful student-led protest.

Several hundred protesters tried to storm the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Beijing, hurling bottles and rocks into the walled compound before riot police broke up the confrontation, witnesses said.Crowds defaced billboards advertising Japanese electronics products, shattered windows at a Beijing branch office of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and threw rocks into a Japanese restaurant, but thousands of ordinary police and paramilitary units in full riot gear kept the violence from spreading.

The New China News Agency estimated that 10,000 demonstrators joined a march calling for a boycott of Japanese goods in Beijing's high-tech and university district earlier Saturday, making it one of the largest protest events authorized by the Chinese government in years.

Subsequent gatherings at the Japanese ambassador's residence and the Japanese Embassy appeared to have been organized without official approval and were considerably more tense, with the police closing off many roads and busing in reinforcements to maintain order.

Second day of rallies, violence rising


China, Japan Lock Horns Over Asia Meeting

Tokyo is eager to open up membership to the East Asia grouping, but Beijing is wary.

Asian giants Japan and China have locked horns over membership to the East Asia summit that will meet in Malaysia later this year.

Tokyo wants to drastically expand the membership, while China does not.

Tokyo has lobbied Asian nations about Australia, India and New Zealand joining the group. An expanded gathering could open the door to giving the United States observer nation status, officials say.

This is key because Washington generally disdains big-bloc groupings.

But Beijing fears the summit could become an unwieldy body and is seeking to limit participation to the 10 nations that belong to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) along with Japan, South Korea and itself.

Chinese Engineers Displace Japanese

Japanese electronics giants call on skilled Chinese workers as they shift to upscale products.

SHANGHAI--Wanted: Local engineers for product development at Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers in China.

Hitachi Ltd. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. are both hiring in record numbers as the need grows for skilled technicians to develop high-end products for the local market, including those featuring advanced energy-saving technologies and health benefits.

The Hitachi group employs some 27,500 people in China. Most are factory hands. The number of university-educated engineers stands at only 700, an insufficient pool of talent for a company that has to meet growing demand for higher value-added products.

Seems to be happening to the Japanese, too. Note they are in a rising depression again. People earning less and less...

Sharks Circling Water Here

With the abolition of U.S. and European textile and apparel import quotas at the end of last year, Japanese manufacturers are planning massive investment in production-but not at home.

Billions of yen for new plants will be flowing to China instead.

Toray Industries Inc. alone plans to spend 17 billion to 18 billion yen to construct a new factory in the country.

China's commodity-grade textile products are expected to overwhelm world markets, and there is little Japanese companies can do but set up shop in the burgeoning behemoth. Labor costs in China are about a twentieth of those in Japan.


The Pandas finally figured out the birds and the bees stuff.

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